It takes 4 simple steps to book an econsultation

Select speciality

EConsultantClinic offers different specialities within our online service. You are able to choose a speciality or even select a specific Consultant.
If you are unsure which speciality you require, please complete our symptoms questionnaire that will help recommend the best speciality for you.
Alternatively, our customer care representatives are available on our Live Chat, email or contact centre in order to guide you through the booking process.

Book an eConsultation

You can choose to have a Video Consultation or a Telephone Consultation with any of our Consultants. If you have had a consultation previously with one of our clinicians, you can book a Follow Up Consultation.
During the booking process, we require your GP surgery details (Name of the GP surgery, address and postcode), to send the summary of the consultation, scan or results to your GP.
Having a valid email address is required to make a booking. This will enable us to send the booking link, consultation summary, test results, prescriptions and other relevant documents to you.
It is important to join the meeting with a device that has a working camera, good Internet access and speakers.

Pay online and complete health questionnaire

Our pricing plan is available on our website. You can pay for your consultation online using our secure payment gateway in just a few clicks.
To confirm your appointment with our consultants, payment is made before the booking. A short online health questionnaire will need to be filled out in as much detail as possible, as this will help the consultant during the appointment with you.

Confirmation email with consultation link

After booking your appointment with our specialist, you will receive an email confirmation of the time and date of the consultation and a consultation link.
If you have not completed the health questionnaire previously, we will ask that you complete it prior to the appointment. Please include your symptoms, past medical problems, your current medications, your health concerns and expectations for our specialist to review.
You can also upload any pictures, prescriptions or documents might be of help during the consultation.
If you wish to cancel your appointment, please use the cancellation link in your email or get in touch with our customer care team who will be able to assist you. A refund can be issued back to the payment card used for booking.


  Our consultations run on all full desktop operating systems (Safari, Firefox, Google chrome, Opera and Chromium), except edge and internet explorer.

  Passport or driving licence for identity verification at the start of the consultation.

  GP details - a consultation summary will be sent to your GP.

  List of medications that you take.

  Details of medical problems, such as asthma or diabetes.

  Details of allergies to medications.

  Email address, to receive a consultation summary .

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